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Reflection February Workshop

The 2013 scholar gave me a lot of useful advise since we attend the same university. The most significant advise given to me was to make sure to set time to relax. When I reach my relax time, actually relax! I believe this is significant because as a freshman taking 15 units, college can become overwhelming sometimes. When it came to the times in which I actually relaxed, I didn’t really relax because I was sort of worried of maintaining my schedule. This advice has helped me enjoy the free time I have which brings a balance to my life.

To be truthful, it was helpful meeting a second year in the program. Receiving input from them truly expanded my perception on college in a positive way. College is not simple all the time, but it sure is doable.

The overall message I received from the workshop was to always be productive. Being a progressive person is not easy but it is convenient in the long run because you adjust to a set schedule. Having a schedule maintains the equilibrium of school, work and social life.

Jesse, 2014 Scholar

OCAPICA Scholars – Community Service Reflection

Kids with a solid education background will do a better performance during their middle and high school years. Without knowing the basics, young children will continue to struggle in their upcoming education years. This is why I specifically decided to tutor elementary kids at the Friendly Center, since those are very important years for children to explore and learn. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 2:30 afternoon, I tutored for about one hour and a half to two. My tasks were to tutor four kids in the subjects mathematics and English. After the kids are finish with their home works, we do fun activities such as arts and crafts until their parents or guardians pick them up from the center. I do see the benefits of doing volunteer tutoring because kids have that extra support and a better understanding of what is being taught to them. For example, I have a kid in my table that was struggling to do the multiplication time test in five minutes. After I gave her a few worksheets and teaching her tricks, she was able to her multiplication table within five minutes and then move on to three. While I was tutoring young kids achieving the standards in their weakness subject they faced in school, I realized if there were more access to free tutoring places a lot of kids would do a better performance in school. Some kids absorb the information better because of the one-on-one teaching rather than at school because teachers have to teach up to thirty students in a classroom. It was such a great experience helping out the kids and building a sweet relationship with them.

Sallyna, 2014 Scholar 

Year 2: End of the Year Reflection

 Throughout my high school years, I’ve been in OCAPICA since my freshman year at Magnolia. But on a serious note, OCAPICA has always helped me with my homework & gave me a place of solitude to study when it wasn’t given at home. What I always loved about OCAPICA was that I could go absent from the club for 3 wks and appear out of no where & the staff would still treat me the same & welcome me with open arms.

I had a great experience with OCAPICA at Magnolia HS as well with great memories. Through OCAPICA, I was even blessed to be granted with a scholarship in which I am very thankful for. Although I didn’t attend to every workshop, when I did, I enjoyed seeing the familiar faces and classmates from HS, it always brought back memories of how things used to be. Even though I didn’t even talk to some of you, I still knew who you were & that was enough. Thank you Kassie & Jody for your hard work in providing us your life lessons & awkward ice breakers for every workshop, they were very helpful & insightful. I would like to thank Ashley & Jody, again, for pushing me to take the scholarship seriously, because if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be blessed with the scholarship money the program has funded for me with. Thank you to all the OCAPICA program staff/workers, although we don’t see the commitment you guys set forth to us students, your work is a testimony in itself because this program has grown since it first began, in 2009. (If I’m correct). Thank you can’t ever be enough. I won’t forget the new friendships made within the two years in the OCAPICA scholarship program and I wish nothing but the best to my fellow peers, the marathon only continues, stay hungry.

Miracle, 2013 Scholar 

Make a Difference in the Community

Through the involvements in many community services during my first year at college, a service that had inspired me the most was Cypress College’s Kindercarminata on March 13, 2015. This service-learning event gave a tour to the kindergartens about college and introduced them to the academic programs and organizations that Cypress College had to offer. In addition, the members and officers including me from many clubs, like the Honors Program for example, volunteered in this event not only to obtain community service hours but also to introduce young children to many amazing jobs that they could pursue in their futures. As the Programmer for the Honors Club, I volunteered with the other members and officers to host a career table to introduce kindergarten students to many real life careers. At the Honors Program station, we placed on the table six number cards (from number one to number six) accordingly to the six careers’ props: a drawing book, a calculator, a stethoscope, a storybook, a football, and lastly a wrench. Then, we asked the young children to roll a dice, and whatever the result was corresponded to a particular career prop. According to a career prop that got chosen, each of the participants took turns in asking the young children what they know about it as well as explaining to them what job uses it. This service-learning event, overall, I personally believe that it had helped many volunteers like me to learn new interactive ways to socialize with others and experience the benefits of helping others as well.

Furthermore, as a volunteer for Kindercarminata, I did not only feel satisfied about myself but I also experienced many other great ideas as well. The moments when young children were motivated to interact with me, and willingly to involve in the Honors Club’s activities, had made me feel awesome. When generally speaking about young children, they are usually feel timid to interact with others but from this instance, it made me feel surprise and glad, because they really took advantages, and learned about future careers. Moreover, I have begun to understand myself that I am a confident person, who is motivated to volunteer as well as assist others to overcome hardships. I also discovered one of my abilities that I am comfortable to give thoughts and think critically on solving community problems. Furthermore, I noticed that volunteering does help me in the future, because it helps me to acquire leadership skills and experiences. In generally, my involvement in service learning has put me into becoming a educated person by indicating that I do not only think about education but I also think critically and stand up to make a difference in the community as well.

Duy, 2014 Scholar 

End of the Year Reflection

My favorite moment in the program so far was when we had a workshop at Magnolia High School and we talked about our first year of college with the 2013 Scholars. The inspirational video also about not giving up also tied in very well with the lessons we learned through our first college experience.

Aside from the lesson of reflecting back on our first year and not being easily discouraged when we don’t reach our goals the first time around, the lesson about continuing our education by going to graduate school was a meaningful lesson. As I’m already thinking about going on to graduate school, this lesson reinforced the advantages I would have if I would continue on to a higher education and also gave me the reality of some of the sacrifices I would have to make in order to attain it.

Finishing up my first year of college, it feels like a relief and it makes me happy to see that I made it through my freshman year. Through all the experiences I had, it also makes me look forward to my future years as a college student, as I will continue to grow and learn from them all.

An advice I would give to the Scholars of 2014 would be is that it is important to balance your social and academic life. As important as it is to maintain your grades and study, also save some time for yourself to enjoy college, especially during your first year. You don’t want to reflect back on your college years and regret not being more involved.

Rochelle, 2014 Scholar