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College is now

Hello, my name is Margarita Perez; I am part of the 2014 scholar cohort. I will be attending the University of California, Riverside to obtain my bachelors degree. As of now, I am still undeclared in the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, also known as CNAS.

Going into my first year of college, I am excited for what is to come. I have heard many stories about how college is a lot more enjoyable than high school, so I’m finally going to experience what the whole fuss is about. I am also terrified because I will be moving out and getting an apartment off-campus, and that is a bit risky for a freshman. This is the first time I will be on my own, of course, which is also terrifying.

However, I have high hopes that I will improve my study skills because I hardly studied in high school. I know I have to make drastic changes in my study habits to succeed, and I’m more than willing to make the changes necessary.

I hope I can look back on my college experience and be proud of who I’ve become ten, fifteen years from now. I’m especially excited to be part of this scholarship group and have people I can lean on.

Margarita, 2014 Scholar

The Next Chapter

My name is Rochelle Salvador and I will be attending Chapman University as an undeclared student. When meeting me, I may seem quiet, but in all honesty, once you get to know me, I can be very loud and talkative. My fellow Sentinels can vouch for that. I enjoy being outdoors, whether it’s being active and playing tennis or just taking a walk around the park. However, at times I prefer spending my time watching Netflix or curling up inside with a good book.

Going into college, I am a bit nervous and excited about this step. The thought of not being able to balance everything scares me, but I know things will all work out in the end. I hope to continue learning and with this new chapter in life, I only wish that I am able to keep the friends I have known throughout the years, in addition to making new ones. A huge part of who I am today and what I have achieved is because of the continuous support of my loving family and friends. Thanks to them, I have made it this far and I only hope that they are there in the end. Although I still feel like a high school student, I am ready for this next step.

Rochelle, 2014 Scholar