Tip from Scholars Team

Life Skills

 Time Management 
☆ Find what works best for you! Invest in a planner, use an app on your phone, use Google Calendar, etc. By planning in advance for deadlines and important events this will help you to balance your academic and personal life.

☆Add an extra 30 minutes when scheduling your day. For example if you want know you have homework due Friday and you think that it should take you about 1 hr to finish, add an extra 30 minutes, that way you have a time cushion and you don’t feel rushed!

☆Don’t forget to carve out time for yourself :).

Self Care

Breathe and Relax
☆Take time for yourself to relax and decompress. Whether that’s watching your favorite show on Netflix, hanging out with friends, exercising, or sleeping, etc. Even a 15 minute break to breathe will help :).

Stay Hydrated and Eat!
☆Carry a re-fillable bottle, most campuses have refilling stations, find the ones on your campus.

☆Usually when you have a hectic schedule the first thing that you forget to do is eat. Don’t forget to take a break for meals and to pack snacks for munching on in between classes.

☆You need sleep to function and stay focused. Even on those nights you pull all nighters (which we don’t recommend, but we understand happens from time to time), you can take 20 minute catnaps. This will give your brain time to process what you’ve been studying and you’ll feel refreshed :).


☆ We want both your mind, body and spirit to be healthy. Exercise is a great stress reliever too!

☆Try something new and take an exercise class for credit or take advantage of the free recreation classes on campus.

☆ Buddy up with a friend to keep each other accountable.

☆Walk instead of using the elevator.

☆Find something that you enjoy doing!