What drives/motivates  you to pursue a degree in higher education?

  • I am fighting to transcend my family situation as well as for those who are currently underprivileged. Education is a significant opportunity that many would like to have, so students who have gained that blessing should work hard and provide more opportunities for those in need of a chance at success.

  • The competition with jobs, has steered me to continue my education. I want to have a degree that will help me get a stabilized job where I won’t have to struggle as much as my parents did, and the problems won’t be as big as today.
  • I want to be a successful individual with a stable career. Making my parents proud is my main goal because they have sacrificed for me to be in the position in which I am at. I would like to continue the hard work so that I’ll be able to be a motivation and example for others.

  • I am motivated by my parents and family to go to college, I do it all to make them proud. I’m also motivated by my dreams and goals to strive higher.
  • My family motivates me to do good in college because I want to make them proud and give them the opportunity to one day attend my graduation. My family has always been very supportive and all throughout my life they told me to go to college so that I could have a better life. I want to give back to others in my community.

  • I am in college because it will educate me and give me a good job in order to support the family I will have and give back to those who have helped me.
  • To change fashion…so much of clothing isn’t designed everyone/different body types. I want to make my loved ones proud and to push myself to learn about new ideas.

  • Contributing by helping others through knowledge and service. This drives me to be successful in college.
  • I want to be able to see places, travel, and enjoy my life. I don’t feel that I got the chance to experience things as a child and now I want to make a difference. I don’t want to be depending on others.

  • What motivates me is my parents. My parents immigrated and struggled really hard to give me a better opportunity. I feel that if I didn’t make something important out of myself it would be a waste of their efforts. I’m also motivated by society because I know without college there’s not as big of a chance of success.
  • The reason I strive to graduate from college is to make my family proud. Their reason for working hard was to get me to where I am today and it would be best if I built off of what theyv’e set up for me so their efforts don’t go to waste.

  • My family is what drives me to be in college and strive to graduate. By family I mean past family (grandparents), present family (parents and siblings), and future family. I come from a lineage of college graduates, and I want to live up to that standard and surpass it. Also, my parents have fought too much to give me the privileges I have today, and going to college is my way to pay them back. Lastly, I want my future family to have a better life than I have. For those reason I am in college.
  • I am going to college mainly for myself. My parents did push me to go to college but they understood it as me going to college so I can get a good paying job. On the other hand I wanted to go to college to do something useful, to contribute intellectually to the world I live in. I have always loved science and technology as well as creating things so college became the thing to help me do what I wanted to do and what excites me.

  • I’m in college to seek more opportunities and skills to making a better living. I remembered I was at my dad’s job once and his job is to fold clothes and hang them up. That’s when I realized that he never had the opportunity to have a better life. I want to go to college so that I can take advantage of the opportunity that my dad never had.
  • I’m in college because I want to be there, I feel the work I’ve put in and my abilities shouldn’t be put to waste. I’m attending college because I don’t want to be like my parents and dread going to work. I want to wake up every morning and be positively driven to want to go and know I’m not just making myself proud but also others around me.